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Alternative Uses For Tree Prunings

11 October

If you have trees growing on your land, you will need to have them pruned and tidied up from time to time.  Regular tree lopping helps to keep trees healthy and is especially important following storms when damage could have occurred.  But what should you do with the leftover prunings?  Your tree service contractor will […]

Ready To Put Down Some Patio Paving? You May Need To Remove Some Trees First

30 June

The worst of winter is over and summer will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time of year to lay down patio paving in anticipation of outdoor dining opportunities in the warm months ahead. As someone who has not tried their hand at paving before, you may be surprised to learn […]

Removing Small Trees and Saplings for Bushfire Protection

08 February

With Australia experiencing a long, hot and dry summer it’s important for property owners to clear away not only their large trees but also small trees and saplings that have sprung up recently. Here are some of the ways to control and remove small trees from your property.  Pulling them out One of the easiest […]

Things to consider when hiring a tree removal specialist

13 August

Tree removal seems like a simple enough process until you realise just how much skill and knowledge is involved. Here is a guide to what a professional tree carer is (also known as an arborist), how they’re different from tree loppers and what to look for when hiring one. What is an arborist? An arborist […]

What Is Tree Lopping?

03 August

Tree lopping, sometimes known as tree felling, is when various sections of a tree are trimmed. Lopping your trees may involve clearing away branches or shortening the trees trunk. There are two different thoughts when it comes to tree lopping. Some people believe that it is beneficial to use the process of tree lopping, whilst […]

When You Should Think About Tree Removal

28 July

Harsh winds and bugs that like to bore through wood can seriously attack your trees. These problems can even result in trees being killed, which may well result in the removal of the affected tree. If you have a tree that has died due to the lack of nutrient or water supply, it still remains […]

Two Ways To Determine Whether Your Tree Will Survive A Harsh Winter

27 July

In July 2015, Queensland got to experience the unusual treat of snow which this state very rarely sees. While it is fun to watch your kids outside building a snowman for a change, these freezing temperatures also put a lot of stress on your gardens. Trees that are already compromised by disease or old age […]

Advantages of Tree Felling Services

22 July

Trees are not only a great source of shade, but they can also increase the curb appeal of your home as well as the aesthetics of your backyard. Too many trees on the other hand will block out sunlight and make your residence seem dull and gloomy. If you are in a dilemma about the […]

Understanding When It’s Best To Have A Tree Removed

20 July

Trees can add beauty to your garden and attract wildlife, but they can also cause problems. If you have a large, mature tree on your property you may be wondering if it’s best to have it removed, and there are a number of factors you should take into consideration when making that decision. Here’s an […]

Why Opt for Treated Pine for a Home’s Retaining Wall?

16 July

When you’re ready to build a retaining wall on your property, you might think of using brick or stone, or using treated pine sleepers or studs. While each material may have advantages, treated pine is a favorite choice for contractors and professionals, for a variety of reasons. If you’re thinking of creating the wall on […]